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On being a Design Thinker

Running out of Ideas? Is your creativity losing steam? Unable to come up with innovative solutions for a problem? Wannabe an entrepreneur but lacking a killer product idea?

Fear not ‘cos Design Thinking is here!

Chances are, you must have heard about this concept before! If not, let me walk you through with the basics of this concept.


Design thinking as a concept can trace its origins to Herbert Simon’s Sciences of the Artificial. It was adapted for business purposes at IDEO, a company that needs no introduction in the world of innovation. Today there is considerable interest in both academia and in industry revolving around Design thinking.

Design Thinking: Basics

Before we go into the Design thinking process, here are two basic things: People and spaces.

People: It is said that Design thinking works best when you have a team of people whose skillsets can be classified as ‘T’ shaped.  This enables people to bring in remarkable insights that one would not usually consider.




The working space is also pretty important. The space you operate in can either spur creativity or kill creativity. Many entrepreneurial companies are moving away from cubicle based seating arrangements to a more open space to change the way people work.

design thinking space from IDEO


More on Design thinking concepts and application in the next post