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One Word To Rule Them All

I recently came across a book summary for One Word that will Change Your Life. It expounded a pretty interesting concept where you have to choose a word and let it guide you for the rest of your life. Choosing a word for the year will have far reaching effects than making resolutions. For example, say we choose the word “love”, we would use it as a guide to everything we do. Show some love to your near and dear ones. Feel their love. Fall in love.  Again. And again. And again. Love what you do, your work. Love what you eat. Love doing your dishes. Love the excel sheet you are going to send out to your boss, shower it with as much love you can and make it awesome.

The possibilities are amazing. It is not exactly a new year resolution, but something much more powerful than that. Something much more subtle yet effective. So I decided to choose a word for myself. In that effort, I tried crowd-sourcing my word from a private group where i shared this concept with them. I came across a lot of words,

  • Love
  • Discipline
  • Rest
  • Integrity
  • Smile
  • Finish
  • Kindness
  • Joy
  • Patience
  • Welcome
  • Relax
  • Open
  • Focus
  • Try
  • Increase
  • Enjoy
  • Observe
  • Progress
  • Happy
  • Change
  • Peace
  • Start
  • Surrender
  • More

For me i have been breaking my head over these words

Now & Beautiful


But decided I need to live in the NOW more than i need to make life beautiful! I might be starting to sound philosophical, but in the NOW i will be able to relish the beauty. In the beauty, i will forget about time. So NOW will be my word for the next few months. I plan to stick post-it notes saying NOW in as many places i can. And a huge chart saying NOW in my living room. I plan to make the pic below my desktop background. Everywhere, everything i do, I will let this word will guide me.


What is your word for the year?

Edit: Ashutosh, one of my best friends, gave me another insight – Think about it, isnt this what Japa is all about? You meditate on a word – On / Ram /Hreem/ Shreem / Kleem etc and see that word in every aspect of your life. You soon start experiencing that word and before long, you are that word. And when that word is a God of your choice, then you become a God yourself. Aham Brahmasmi. Tat tvam asi.