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Postal Service as a distribution system


This morning, i read an article in the newspaper as to how Amazon is starting a pilot project with India Post to test its Cash on Delivery model. I found the idea to partner with the indian postal service simply amazing. Not only is the idea intuitive in nature, but also seems like common sense – why did no one think of this before? India Inc has been ruing the lack of proper supply chain infrastructure and here you have a distribution network that spans to the remotest villages possible.

What other avenues can the postal service be used for?

1. ITC could extend its e-choupal network to places hitherto new boundaries by franchising it to India Post

2. The Postal service infrastructure, if improved a bit, can be used as an effective first response to natural disasters

3. MNCs looking forward to enter the FMCG arena can tie up with India Post to tap their distribution system

What other avenues do you think the Indian postal service can be used for?