10 Random Ideas To Have A Wedding Worth Remembering

All my cousins elder to me are now engaged or married. So I am “next in line”! And the ones who are single/have once been single guys can understand what I am going through right now:

The last two family functions I attended, I had tons of “aunties” questioning me: “Babu, what are you doing?”  “Are you staying in Bangalore?” “Oh you studied MBA from NIIT? <i die a bit every time i hear this one. Its NITIE and not NIIT for godsake>”. The cliches are not just tiring, but they are woefully true! At times during the various functions, i got damn bored – my only companion my age – the cousin and the groom, was sitting under the spotlight, next to his fiance,  staring straight ahead like a deer in front of headlights. This boredom had me thinking about my own wedding- its not yet gay in this part of the world to dream up how you might spice up your wedding with your lovely maiden! I decided to work my atrophied idea muscle and come up with 10 different ideas for making this one time event something that is worth remembering!
Note: these are not just ideas for the wedding event, but includes post wedding and run-up to the wedding as well.

1. The Proposal

After I become fairly certain that she is definitely the one, and she is into me as well, I intend to propose the old fashioned way – diamond ring! The elaborate going down on the knee and popping the question! So how would i pop the question? I would make a sketch of the two of us, with bubbles, where i would be asking “Will you marry me?” and her bubble would be empty. I would have the waiter to slip it in the menu and offer her a pen as well! Once she turns the page and sees the sketch, i imagine her eyes would go wide and that’s when i would go on my knee and ask her officially 😀

I know this is pretty old-fashioned, I guess, i should come up with ten more innovative ideas and decide to go with the best of those ideas.

2. The Unjal

The typical indian wedding will have many a grand custom! While a sourashtrian wedding customs differs a bit from a typical tambrahm wedding, one custom that’s sure to feature in mine is the Unjal – the bride and the groom sit in a swing and married women sing traditional songs. While the significances attributed are post-hoc in nature, I want this done, so as to make my mum happy! she loves singing at such occasions! And the dutiful son that I am, how can i not make the event something that she will adore?


3. Stop-Motion Video

I would love to make a stop motion video about my marriage, apart from that lengthy 5 hour long videos that the videographer takes. I admit that i am bad at dancing, so a stop motion video would be the best avenue for me to exhibit my creative dancing skills 😀 If you are wondering how that would turn out, see this.

4. Gift-free

I am borrowing this lovely idea from a friend of mine who studied with me in school. Before the wedding, I would be urging the guests to not give me any gifts and instead offer the same as cash. The proceeds thus collected would be donated to a couple of NGOs (i have a few legit ones in mind). This is such a simple and beautiful idea that its a shame not many have thought of it before.

5.  Wedding Gift

It is a new custom these days to give the bride a wedding gift! And my idea of a wedding gift? A Puppy!! 😀 😀 Well, i am assuming that she will be a dog person and not a cat person. If she happens to be a cat person, i can consider my life screwed! 😐

6. Facts and Figures

I plan to print romantic facts about the bride and myself on the invitation cards. If I am unable to print them, at least write them down. This set of cards will be for friends, family will get a rose and yellow, traditional invitation card.

7. Music

This one would be for the reception. I intend to put together the playlist myself with just music (no singing). I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do!

8. Themed Reception

I do not know if i can pull this off, but I plan for themed wedding – Either LOTR Theme or a similar theme. I already see a lot of opposition to this one from my relatives who would love to flaunt their gold jewelry no matter what the occasion.

9. Six Pack 😀

The day i get engaged, will be the day i need to start hitting the gym. Sourashtrian weddings involve the groom to remove his shirt and sit. I do not want the little paunch i am developing to be there. I am not gonna embarrass my fiance on the most special day of her life 😀

10. Photography

This one is for the guests – I would hire a photobooth for the day. The guests would have some entertainment clicking and printing photos of themselves! Who doesn’t like having their picture taken? 🙂
Apart from that, I would like the engagement album to be filled with candid photography of not just us, but the guests as well! not the traditional album that bores one to death.


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