10 Things to do for 2014

If i had come across James Altucher a few years back, i would have deified him. But since the moment i learned that greatness is nothing but a series of lucky and unlucky circumstances coupled with some crazy ass hard work, i have made my mind to STOP deifying people and start emulating them. I have made up my mind to START listening to their words of advice.

This blog, is in part, a result of the motivation that i gained from James Altucher’s Cheat sheet. When i was thinking that i had read the greatest piece of advice to be written, i came across another of his posts – how to become an Idea Machine. Whenever I feel like exercising my idea muscle, i have decided to use this blog as a platform to jot them down. So the first in this series of mental exercises, i will jot down 10 things i feel i should do in 2014. This is not a resolution, not a necessity – but sort of  good-if-i-can-do-it types. So here goes my ten things to do:  

1. Bet on Germany this world cup. Its time to take the football fan in me to the next level. I need to find out how betting on sports games are done, how to minimize my losses, how to use probability and other lame stuff learned in school. Time to put them to work.

2. Co-ordinate a design thinking workshop for a startup. I would love to identify a startup and do a design thinking session with them. This would help me improve my design thinking efforts, widen my sources of inspiration and knowledge and fire up my imagination as well.

3. Complete the book i started late last year. Am keeping this one under the wraps, but the first draft will be ready by the end of this month. Hopefully.

4. Start free network consulting. I have close to 1400 friends on Facebook! If i find out any of my friends needs something and somebody in my friend list can help, then go ahead and connect the two of them! For free! Let us not make FB just a waste of time.

5. Write a few political posts on my personal blog. I have such strong views about AAP BJP and Congress that I have to somehow write them down before i forget.

6. Give that long overdue lecture on Big Data at office.

7. Master the art of 10 minute naps. Anywhere. Anytime. I don’t want to feel groggy or wake up with a neck ache. I wanna feel refreshed. Should somehow find a way to perfect this ten minute nap.

8. I have tried rapping when i was a teen. Time to make that childhood dream come true. However pathetic the attempt maybe, perform one and record it.

9. Invent something. Service or product. Patent it. (this is going to be fun 😀 )

10. Now something that i should be doing everyday – stop being on autopilot!! consciously do something different everyday!!


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