On being relevant in today’s world

A post from my other blog. Gives you ideas to get accepted. Hence the reblog!

the Elan of all beings..

<Thread 1> I am a sucker for news! Blame it on my school teachers who asked me to sit and watch the english news at 9 on Doordarshan, a seed had been sown, this kid wanted to know what was happening around the world. The result? i end up wasting my time reading random stuff, that serves no purpose apart from infotainment.

<Thread 2> I had taken part in a debate competition during my days at NITIE – won every round, except the last one. It wasnt that we were up against a great team who sat in the opposite bench, but I knew that we were lost when the topic was read out – we were supposed to speak “against” the motion and the topic by itself was biased to the team that spoke “for” the motion. Despite pointing out logical fallacies in the opposition’s motion, we lost it…

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